A Modern and Practical Approach to Migraine Pain

Lifestyle Changes as TreatmentWhat helps migraines?

One of the best things you can do for migraine pain and overall health is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Simple changes can lead to big results. Start with a regular sleep schedule. Going to bed and waking up the same times every day promotes health. Getting an adequate amount of sleep (6-8 hours) ensures your body has the rest it
Of course, exercise and diet are key factors in a healthy lifestyle. Whichever form of exercise you prefer, make sure you do it regularly. For those who suffer from migraines, diet can be especially important. Eating foods shown to help prevent migraines is a positive step toward improving the condition. Watch for drops in blood sugar as well, as this is a known migraine trigger.

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Stress Reduction as Treatment

Physical health is crucial, but not to be left out is emotional and mental health. Stress is something that can be tricky to manage. It is easy today to be overwhelmed by stress. Have a plan to keep stress at bay. Hobbies can be helpful for this. Taking walks, exercise, other activities such as gardening or painting can do a lot to clear the mind. Should stress rise to levels that seem beyond control, talking to someone can bring unexpected benefits
and relief.

Migraines Respond to Spinal Health

The support system on which all other systems depend comes together at the spine. For those with headaches and migraine pain, the upper cervical region deserves particular attention. Upper regions of the neck house countless vascular and neurological pathways. Exchanges of fluids and vital messages get sent to and from here. Misalignment in this critical area can lead to a host of medical conditions, including migraines. A visit to our
office can help you determine if there is a misalignment of the atlas and axis vertebrae. Tiny adjustments can rectify the problem, allow networks to resume function, and heal some of the conditions experienced due to the structural instability.

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