Chevelle & Zeinetta

Dr. Sherwood has been a blessing to both my daughter and myself. For many years I suffered from headaches, anxiety and vertigo. Sometimes I felt that my life was never going to be normal. At times I felt that I wouldn‘t be able to support my children in their activities because I was afraid of being around a group of people. I didn’t want to drive anywhere because of thinking that I would have an anxiety attack. I went to see a doctor and he advised me to take medication, I took the sample packet home and read through it to make sure this is what I wanted or needed. The packet read “for depression.” I‘m not a depressed person, I‘m a happy person and these things that are happening to me are not because I‘m depressed. I needed another solution. Dr. Sherwood was my solution. I‘ve been seeing him for about a year and he has done wonders for me. My dizziness stopped, my anxiety has not come around and I am able to go about my duties everyday. Whew!

My daughter is 14 years old and has been experiencing migraines. Of course we go to see a doctor and his advice is to take 2 pills the first hour, then if that doesn‘t work take another 2 and if that doesn’t work take another 2 and if that doesn‘t work take 2 migraine pills. She is 14 years old…I could not imagine her taking all this medication. I took her in to see Dr. Sherwood and in an instant she is doing well. She‘s been seeing him for 4 months and has not experienced another migraine

Being from the Hawaiian culture, to heal with your hands is a special gift. My grandmother could lomi (massage) a baby‘s tummy to comfort him/her in time of pain. I never thought I would ever find a natural healer living away from home.

Dr. Sherwood plays a big part in our lives. We are very grateful to him and for his special gift. Thank you!!

-Chevelle & Zeinetta

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Finding an Effective, Long-Lasting Way to Care for Migraines

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