My story is a little different than most because there was no car accident or injury of any kind. Just one day my neck hurt. And it kept hurting. And getting worse.

Finally all I cold think of was how bad my neck hurt. It consumed my days and nights. And even worse, I was having numbness in my hands and tingling sensations running up and down my arms.

Of course I went to my doctor and at first I took muscle relaxers, which was fine if all I had to do was sleep all day. (Right) He sent me for X-rays and a MRI and to this day I could not tell you the “official diagnosis” of what was going on in my neck, but I had trouble. All I cared about was that I HURT! So off to the surgeon I go. He starts with steroids, which made me feel like I was crawling out of my skin. Then he wants to start injections in my neck or better yet, operate and be laid up for two months. Neither option was thrilling me.

This entire time my sister is telling me to go to a chiropractor. I thought sure and maybe I’ll find some magical beans on the way. She kept bugging me and bugging me and I finally told her that I was desperate – I would try anything – but the thought of some guy cracking my back was just too much. I was in too much pain to even think about that.

She said her chiropractor was different. Fine. I was out of options. So I went. I promised to keep an open mind but I’m sure my attitude was showing. Almost daring him to help me.

Well needless to say I am a believer now. By my third visit to Dr. Sherwood I was so much better I felt like I had my life back. I continued with his treatment recommendations and I can honestly say that while “cured” is a strong word – I no longer have any trouble at all with neck pain or numbness. I feel great! I see Doc for maintenance once a month and have joyfully recommended him to people I care about, including friends, family, and pets. (But that’s a whole different story!)

Thanks Doc!

-Debi McClay

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