We are a family of four and are all patients of Dr. Sherwood. My husband was the first in our family to see Dr. Sherwood, after injuring his back at work. Although my husband is very skeptical when it comes to doctors, he felt the results after seeing Dr. Sherwood a few times and he kept suggesting that I see him about my migraines.

I had seen doctors about my migraines and was honest about the amount of over the counter medication that I was taking during one of them. One doctor told me that I was going to do irreversible damage to my liver taking those doses. Although I knew I was getting good advice, I found it impossible to do something as simple as drive my two children to school with a blinding migraine.

I decided to see Dr. Sherwood after a seven-day migraine. After going to Dr. Sherwood for a while we found a pattern. Now if I get a headache, it usually occurs once a month. There was no pattern before, just a series of migraines some worse than others. I call them headaches now because if my head begins to hurt, I get adjusted right away before it gets worse and it never runs over into the next day. I cannot explain the piece of mind I have knowing that I can get adjusted when I feel a headache coming on and I don’t have to live in fear that it’s going to become a paralyzing obstacle in my life for the next several days.

Our sixteen year old daughter had come home from school several times and was beginning the pattern that I had followed of living on Ibuprofen to control her migraines. Now that she sees Dr. Sherwood, they have decreased in number and are manageable without medication when she gets adjusted.

Although our eleven-year-old son was not dealing with headaches he had been on different allergy medications since the age of four. The medications would work for a while and then he would become immune to them and back to the doctor we would go to pay for another office visit and a new prescription. Since seeing Dr. Sherwood he is no longer taking allergy medication.

I am not a doctor. I just know what works and since our family started seeing Dr. Sherwood we are healthier. Sometimes I get funny looks when my children get sick and I mention that I am taking them to the chiropractor and not the pediatrician, but again I know what works. We save a lot of money on prescription and over the counter medications and I have the piece of mind knowing that I am not popping pills into my children. Dr. Sherwood has been a blessing to our family.


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