Multiple Sclerosis does not have to stop you from living a healthy life

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What you will learn in this free video series on Multiple Sclerosis

In our Living Healthy with NUCCA video series, you will learn about scientific research that links the upper neck to multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions. This research is readily available, but nearly unknown to the majority of Americans. In the videos we will answer important questions including the following:

  • What is NUCCA? And what does it have to do with multiple sclerosis and other chronic conditions?
  • Why not just take the drugs for MS?
  • What about surgery for CCSVI?
  • Why are you always drained? Dealing with MS and fatigue
  • What does multiple sclerosis have to do with migraine headaches?
  • How can you stop the Vertigo and dizziness of multiple sclerosis?
  • How can NUCCA improve balance and coordination?
  • Why do you have numbness and tingling in your arms and legs?
  • Why can’t you just concentrate?
  • What does multiple sclerosis have to do with Parkinson’s disease?
  • How can a problem in the neck affect speech and vision?
  • How is multiple sclerosis related to TMJ and other body pain?

Who is Dr. Kurt Sherwood?

Dr Sherwood has been helping people with multiple sclerosis and other conditions live healthier lives for over 20 years. He is a part of the International Chiropractic Association (ICA), Washington State Chiropractic Association (WSCA), and is a published research author. He is currently volunteering time and resources toward publication of future projects in conjunction with the UCRF. Dr. Sherwood has benefited from Chiropractic care his entire life and credits it for his remarkable health. Dr. Sherwood has never had to resort to using drugs, surgery, hospital stays or vaccinations to maintain his health. In high school friends used to joke with him about drugs because they knew he had never even taken an aspirin.

Multiple Sclerosis Numbness Improved!

I have MS and Scoliosis in the neck area. I have had a lot of neck pain for years and numbness due to the MS. I have went to Dr Sherwood for a year and since I have been seeing him, my neck is not tight and sore like it always has been. The appearance of my neck is straighter and the numbness in my feet is better. I am sure happy with the results. He is always concerned and very informative to the questions I have. Seeing him and having a massage is just awesome also. The staff is hardworking and excellent. I really recommend Dr Sherwood's Office.

Dianne F.

Finally Something That Works!

After a few car accidents, work accidents and the topper - a wrenched neck after a surgery; I had pretty much trashed my neck and back. I went to physical therapy and massage therapy which helped somewhat but I still was in a lot of pain. I took so many pain meds and muscle relaxants, my doctor started thinking I was a pill seeker. The Physical Therapist and doctor thought it was just a muscle issue but I could feel that something else just wasn't right. Finally, the massage therapist at the rehab facility I was going to, recommended NUCCA chiropractic. I was wary of chiropractics in general because I had had traditional chiropractic manipulations in the past in which they snapped/popped my neck which sometimes resulted in more pain and/or over adjustments. The whole snapping thing scared me and I had heard horror stories of snapping gone bad. My neck was so tight and painful, there was no way I could tolerate a traditional chiropractic adjustment. But the massage therapist insisted that NUCCA was gentle (just a gentle touch/nudge - no snapping) and had helped other people she knew. I tried it out and she was right. For the first time in months, I noticed my pain starting to decrease in only a few weeks. Now I am off the pain meds and am getting better every day. I am very grateful to find such an effective yet gentle treatment that works..finally! Dr. Sherwood and his staff are great. His staff is friendly and he is quick and thorough. I like that he doesn't recommend more than the amount of treatment that I need. I have had experiences with other chiropractors who have recommended more treatments than needed but I know what my body needs - so I know that what he recommends is on par with what I really need. I appreciate that he is is ethical, professional and concerned with my well being. I wish I had known about this treatment a long time ago. Thank you Dr. Sherwood!