Natural, Drug Free Ways to Decrease Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

As most people know by now I specialize in a little known Chiropractic procedure called the NUCCA technique. We have been able to help literally thousands of people over the past 23 years with many painful conditions. In addition to the NUCCA procedure we also frequently discuss other things to help with pain, muscle knots in back and stiffness that do not require resorting to drugs whether prescription or over the counter. Depending on the case, we may suggest massage therapy techniques, instructions for stretching and other exercise, and some other simple at home techniques that work.

Here is a great idea for home help! Rice packs! These are perfect little hand crafted pillow like items. The filling is uncooked rice. The inside cover is cotton muslin. The outside cover is super soft 100% cotton flannel.

Here is how they can be used. To ease knots in back muscles and joint discomfort, use it as a warm pack by microwaving the rice pack and placing the warm pack on the affected area. Like your aching shoulders after a day at the computer! Place the warm pack behind the neck for relaxation. You can even use it to warm the bed by stuffing it between the sheets for a few minutes before you go to bed. Don’t always reach for a bottle of pills, keep it simple, your body will appreciate it.

For inflammation you can use your rice pack as an cold pack too. Chill it in the freezer and then place it on the affected area.

How Eco-Friendly is this? Hand crafted locally by one of our patients. Completely made in USA!

Just a simple answer to aches, pains and back muscle knots that makes sense. Give your body a break from always reaching for the bottle of drugs when something simple with no side effects can work even better!

We have rice packs available at our office for $16 if you are interested.

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  1. Brittney Edgemon says:

    Shoulder pain may be localized or may be deferred to areas around the shoulder or down the arm. Disease within the body (such as gallbladder, liver, or heart disease, or disease of the cervical spine of the neck) also may generate pain that the brain may interpret as arising from the shoulder.”*;’

    My very own online site <

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