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NUCCA-chiropractor-dr-kurt-sherwoodAt Sherwood Family Chiropractic we utilize the NUCCA technique, (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association). This is a system of precision, low force chiropractic adjustments designed to correct the misaligned spine by gently moving the head and neck alignment first which influences the rest of the spine.

With this technique there are no forceful movements and no twisting of the body framework when making the spinal correction. This effective procedure is so gentle that all spines can benefit from infants to seniors.

It is often thought that chiropractic is a forceful technique that requires twisting and jolting motions to work on the spine, this is not so with the NUCCA procedure! This technique is a safe and effective alternative to more forceful procedures.

NUCCA-chiropracticUpper Cervical Chiropractic is not a new concept and has been utilized and refined since the 1930’s. Current advances in engineering and computer modeling are proving that this approach is effective. Recent breakthroughs in research have put NUCCA chiropractic on the map. Research has not only shown that a misaligned spine can lead to painful conditions such as neck, back, and headache pain, but also links to other health conditions such as high blood pressure, seizures, migraine, TMJ disorders and many others.

Is it time for you to explore NUCCA for your health needs?

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Finding an Effective, Long-Lasting Way to Care for Migraines

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