My husband had been trying to get me to go to a chiropractor for years. His whole family is under chiropractic care and he told me that I would love it and that I would be able to tell a difference in my health. I was hesitant. So it wasn’t until I was in an auto accident in 1997 that I decided to start going to a chiropractor. Am I glad I did!

My main complaint has always been headaches. Even before the 1997 accident I would have daily headaches with frequent migraines. It was so bad that I would struggle through work and then come home and basically have to go to bed so I could “sleep it off”. I had no social life because I knew if I went out one night, even just for dinner, I would pay for it the next day. Usually by having to be in bed most of the day “sleeping it off”. I couldn‘t participate in any recreational activities because, once again, I would end up paying for it the next day. At its worst, I would have to go to the emergency room every 3 months or so to get a shot to relieve the pain. When I took my migraine medicine it knocked me out but didn‘t solve the problem, it only masked it. The 1997 auto accident I was in just intensified the headache and neck pain.

After six months of coming to Dr. Sherwood for chiropractic care I can honestly say that I have not had a headache for about 4 weeks. This is incredible! After having to live with daily headaches and then to have none! The pain between my shoulders and my neck stiffness is less frequent if at all.

I now have an active social life. I can play volleyball, go out to dinner and a movie, do housework, do anything and not have a constant headache. Before I could do maybe one thing a week. This last week I did something almost every night!

Chiropractic has totally changed my life! Before with my headaches I worried about getting pregnant and the stress of having a child, now I know, with confidence, that I can handle all of it. I am so happy! Chiropractic has totally changed my life, totally!


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